Are you a course or conference provider? MedReach can help you reach a greater audience: our online learning platform helps health professionals from around the world overcome barriers of funding, time and travel to access your work. If you provide a course or conference with high impact then we would love to support you to:

  • Reach a greater audience
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create an additional revenue stream with minimal effort
  • Support healthcare projects in low-income countries.

MedReach will work with you to create and deliver a bespoke online version of your content. Additional features include: live-filmed lectures, bespoke multi-camera angle video tutorials; note-taking functions; and ability to export certificates and learning summaries for CME/CPD portfolios.

MedReach also believe in fair and equal access for all. Users in high/middle income countries will pay a modest price to access learning, while content will be free to health professionals in low-income countries.

We also support healthcare learning and delivery projects in the world’s most poorly resourced areas, donating a significant proportion of sales to projects you choose to link with your content.

Talk to us today at  +44 (0)141 266 0008 or alternatively send us an Email and we'll be in touch.


Gaining access to world-class learning should be equal and fair for all healthcare professionals.

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If you are a department, health board or institution and would like to buy access to a course please get in touch.

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